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Menschen lieben Geschichten. Und Matthew Dicks zeigt, dass in jedem von uns ein grandioser Geschichtenerzähler steckt. Mit Storytelling Profi Michael Geerdts bespreche ich, wie wir mit guten Geschichten andere leichter für uns gewinnen.


Storyworthy – Engage, Teach, Persuade and Change your Life through the Power of Storytelling Matthew Dicks, 2018, 351 Seiten
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TedTalk Homework for Life

  1. Die wichtigste Erkenntnis in 1 bis 3 Sätzen

„Erzählenswert“ – In diesem Buch geht es nicht um das Verkaufs-Story-Telling mit der Heldenreise, auch wenn sich Elemente davon hier wiederfinden. Es ist vielmehr das „Change your Life“ aus dem Buchtitel.

Eine gute Geschichte muss einen Veränderungsprozess zeigen. Es ist nicht einfach eine Abfolge von bemerkenswerten Ereignissen. Du startest als eine Version von Dir selbst und endest als jemand Neues.

  1. Was kannst Du für Dich rausziehen
  • Es geht nicht um Urlaubsgeschichten oder Partyerzählungen
    Matts 5 rules of drinking stories und 3 rules of vacation stories🤣26 27

3 Hilfestellungen, wie man seine Geschichten findet

  • I assigned myself Homework for Life. This is what I did: I decided that at the end of every day, I’d reflect upon my day and ask myself one simple question: If I had to tell a story from today — a five-minute story onstage about something that took place over the course of this day — what would it be?As benign and boring and inconsequential as it might seem, what was the most storyworthy moment from my day? Die 1% Regel
  • Sein Excel Spreadsheet Walked Kaleigh. 2:00 AM. Underwear. Birds. Rain. Beauty
  • There’s an added bonus to Homework for Life. It’s unrelated to storytelling, but it’s worth mentioning. It might just be the most important reason to do the exercise. As you begin to take stock of your days, find those moments — see them and record them — time will begin to slow down for you. The pace of life will relax.
  • Methode Crash & Burn For our storytelling purposes, we will be utilizing stream-of-consciousness writing to generate new ideas and resurrect old memories, applying three important rules: Rule #1: You must not get attached to any one idea. The goal of Crash & Burn st o allow unexpected ideas to intersect and overrun current ones, Rule #2: You must not judge any thought or idea that appears in your mind. Rule #3: You cannot allow the pen to stop moving.
  • Workshop excersise It’s called First Last Best Worst . The prompts are the possible triggers for memories. What was your first kiss? What was your last kiss? What was your best kiss? What was your worst kiss? For each of these prompts, you fill in the word or words that indicate the answers to those questions. That’s it. Prompts can be: Kiss, Car, Pet, Trouble, Injury, Gift, Travel – das Stadt Land Fluss für Story-Teller 😉


Die Elemente einer guten Geschichte
Anhand der Geschichte „Charity Thief“ erzählt er, wie sie funktioniert

  • The Five-second Transition – Your transition moment
    All great stories — regardless of length or depth or tone — tell the story of a five-second moment in a person’s life. These five-second moments are the moments in your life when something fundamentally changes forever
    Beispiel Jurassic Parc und Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes
  • Once you’ve distilled your five-second moment down to its essence, ask yourself: What is the opposite of your five-second moment? Simply put, the beginning of the story should be the opposite of the end. Find the opposite of your transformation, revelation, or realization, and this is where your story should start. This is what creates an arc in your story. This is how a story shows change over time.
  • Stakes are the reason we listen to stories when video games and pizza and sex exist in the world. We could be doing any one of these things, but we listen to stories because we want to know what happens next. In the best stories, we want to hear the next sentence. And the sentence after that. And the sentence after that
    If you’re not sure about the level of stakes in your story, simply ask yourself: •​Would the audience want to hear my next sentence? •​If I stopped speaking right now, would anyone care? •​Am I more compelling than video games and pizza and sex at this moment?
  • The five types of permissible lies in storytelling: Großartig, wie er das an der Geschichte „Charity Thief“ erklärt
  • the goal of every storyteller should be to create a cinematic experience in the minds of every listener. In order to achieve this lofty goal, storytellers must do one thing, and happily for you, it’s exceedingly simple: Always provide a physical location for every moment of your story.
  • But and Therefore – “And” stories have no movement or momentum. They are equivalent to running on a treadmill. Sentences and scenes appear, one after another, but the movement is straightforward and unsurprising. The momentum is unchanged. But and therefore are words that signal change. The story was heading in one direction, but now it’s heading in another. We started out zigging, but now we are zagging. We did this, and therefore this new thing happened. Super wichtiger Tipp für mein Buchprojekt 2023
  • Übung The one sentence weekend

“Don’t tell us everything about your weekend,” I say. “Find the most interesting or compelling moment, and just share that.”

  • Present and Past Tense: In its best form, storytelling is time travel. If I am doing my job well and telling an excellent story, you may, for just a moment, forget that you exist in the present time and space and travel back to the year and location that I am describing
  • This is what I call the Spider-Man Principle of Meetings and Presentations (though Voltaire admittedly said it first): “With great power comes great responsibility.” I like to think about storytelling in terms of superheroes, because I believe that a person who can speak in an entertaining and engaging way to a group of people possesses a superpower that is sorely lacking in the world today. As people’s gazes continue to fall to their screens and communication is truncated into bite-size text messages, the human beings who can still hold the attention of an audience and teach and speak in an entertaining way possess enormous power. Or think about it this way: If you are conducting a one-hour meeting at your company, you have effectively stolen one hour from every person in the room. If there are twenty people in the room, your presentation is now the equivalent of a twenty-hour investment.

3. Die beste Geschichte

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte mit Autounfall ist herzzerreissend

This is going to suck.

Genial, beim lesen erkennt man alle vorher ausgeführten Tipps.

4. Das hat mich zum Lachen gebracht

“Fine” Is Apparently Not a Good Way to Describe My Sex Life s.290

“Why did you ask Dr. Ruth Westheimer for advice on our sex life?” Elysha asks. She sounds annoyed. She’s clearly not as excited about this as I am.

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